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In the years since our inception, we have grown not only our business but our Stonehouse family, which includes both team members and clients. Our industry has seen many changes through this time, and experience shows that it will continue to change going forward. However, the one thing that remains constant is that we truly love what we do – providing sound financial advice.


Ric Baker reflects on his experience, stating that being able to provide his clients with peace of mind, security and knowledge in various financial situations is what drives him. This sentiment is echoed by Ben Hancock, who values the ability to work with clients over multiple years, assisting them with their changing circumstances as their lives evolve.

Jon Papinczak believes that a good financial planning experience should be described as honest, friendly and enlightening. Although money cannot buy happiness, it can offer you freedom and choice. Kane Livingstone recalls a perfect example of this, where he discovered insurances within lost superannuation, assisting his clients to make a claim and purchase their dream retirement home in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

At a time of change in the industry, it is more important than ever that clients are having this experience. In the wake of the Royal Commission, Martin Baker cements his belief that the values of integrity, honesty, and strong morals should always be held close to heart. Ensuring clients are informed, comfortable and confident is something that has always been front of mind for Andrew Stewart, who believes that trust needs to be at the core of the adviser-client relationship. Michael Stewart, similarly, is of the belief that great financial advice is far more than just business dealings. In his experience, great advice has a lasting impact, with strong family-adviser relationships continuing over generations.

Throughout the maze of changes taking place in the industry, it is important that we remember the small wins that have a lasting impact on our clients. For Jeremy Chiel, a 9- month long battle with Centrelink resulted in his client being $11,000 better off, following the payout of a largely unknown medical benefit. It is often the complicated and emotionally draining processes, such as this, that financial advisers help navigate. For Nick Webb, saving his client $180,000 in small business capital gains tax helped the family retire comfortably at an early age, something he cites as one of his most rewarding moments as an adviser.

When looking ahead to the future of financial planning, Declan Baker would like financial advice to be viewed as something that everyone can benefit from, regardless of their situation. Financial check-ups are something he hopes that one day will be as common as a regular consult with your GP.

At the end of the day, we are in the business of helping people. Mark Stewart believes that financial advice should always be thorough, beneficial and understandable to clients. Though the numbers and figures are a large part of what we do, he notes that enjoying a good coffee and a chat with valued clients never goes amiss.

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