At Stonehouse, we aim to provide intelligent, tailored financial solutions to help clients achieve their goals and create a secure financial future. Part of this is achieved by our Financial Advisers who actively assist Stonehouse clients with their finance requirements including residential mortgages, property-secured investment loan facilities, asset finance and commercial lending. Working closely with Stonehouse’s Financial Advisers, their objective is to offer finance solutions and create a long term relationship with clients built on service and lasting beneficial outcomes.


At a time where the finance industry has become too complex for the majority of Australians to understand or deal with, it makes sense to get advice from an expert.In the home loan market alone there are more than 150 banks and credit unions offering over 3,000 different mortgage products. There is a need to choose between fixed or variable rates, interest only or principle and interest repayments as well as the various “package options” that each lender offers. Our Credit Advisers have access to nearly every lender on the market and it is their role to help determine what type of home loan will be right for you, find the most suitable lender who can offer that product, and tailor it to your needs and then implement the solution.



Meet the Guys with a Passion for Lending

Steve Kellaway Credit Adviser

Steve Kellaway

Credit Adviser

Steve Kellaway came on board in 2014 assisting to create the credit side of our business. Well over 10 years’ experience in the industry has provided Steve with a comprehensive understanding of debt structures and solutions and the importance of improving a client’s financial position through a superior understanding of how mortgage and finance products can best meet their long term financial goals.



Ric Baker Credit Adviser

Ric Baker

Credit Adviser

Ric Baker has spent more than 11 years in financial services with a major bank across various roles. Having developed a passion for lending solutions and strategies, Ric joined Stonehouse at the start of this year. In this time he has been able to assist many clients, his broad knowledge and experience allowing high level discussions and strategic plans to be implemented around client’s financial commitments.



Are you receiving the best deal possible?

When considering a new loan or refinance, many clients simply go direct to the bank. However, this approach is supply driven meaning that you are a captive audience, forced to deal with what is being offered rather than putting yourself at the centre of the process and having the lenders fight for your business. The Credit Adviser is the middle person between you and the lender, meaning they will do the research, comparisons and all of the work to make the process as simple as possible. The ongoing relationship you will have with Steve or Ric then ensures that your financial position is reviewed and that you are always receiving the best deal possible. This also guarantees that you are not considered as ‘just a number’ with your business and money is not taken for granted as bank customers often are.

Whether you are considering buying a new home, unlocking equity or reviewing your current loan, Steve and Ric will assist you in finding the most suitable loan with the best features at a low cost.


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