Stonehouse Core Value Portfolio

Who’s Managing Your Assets

Stonehouse’s aim is to ensure clients’ valued investment assets are under constant watch and active portfolio management decisions are made with a high level of conviction, modelling and skill, all whilst utilising highly researched traditional and alternative investments.

However you may wonder who, along with your Adviser, is assisting with the management of your assets?

The Stonehouse Investment Committee (IC) is responsible for decisions related to asset allocation, asset selection and risk management of the Core Value Portfolio (CVP), a key holding for many of our client’s investment and superannuation portfolios.

In order to fulfil the constantly challenging task of portfolio management, the Stonehouse IC stays up to date and makes informed qualitative and quantitative investment decisions primarily through the engagement of ‘Quilla’, an independent boutique investment manager as key external asset consultant to the Stonehouse IC.

Further, our internal expertise is bolstered via the addition of Senior Asset Consultant, Dominic McCormick and Portfolio Analyst, Stephanie Williamson.

With more than 100 years of combined experience in investment management, please read on to find out more about the key consultants responsible for the important decisions around managing your investment assets.

Matthew Jeremy

Matthew Jeremy | Founding Partner, Quilla

B.A. (Econ Hons), M.Ec, EMBA and MAICD

Mathew began his career as an economist and policy adviser with the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. He spent most of his ten years at the Reserve Bank in the International Department and in 1983 was part of the team tasked with floating the Australian dollar.

Since the late 1980s Mathew has held senior roles with major investment firms, including National Mutual Funds Management, Queensland Investment Corporation, and Suncorp Investment Management. Through these roles Mathew has gained valuable experience across a wide range of investment fields, including global economics and investment strategy, investment manager selection and portfolio construction. He has worked extensively on absolute return funds and how to use them in portfolios, while his quantitative analysis of investment manager performance is very highly regarded in the industry.


Dominic McCormick

Dominic McCormick | Senior Asset Consultant, Stonehouse

B.Ec, M.Com and ASIA

Dominic has worked in financial services and investment management for over 30 years. Dominic was co-founder of Select Asset Management (Select), an innovative, absolute return oriented, multi-asset investment firm which was purchased by OneVue Holdings Limited in August 2014. He was Chief Investment Officer at Select until July 2016 and, from August 2016, Consultant on Investment Strategy and Portfolio Manager of the Select Listed Investments and Real Return Funds.

Dominic is a regular contributor to various media and investment industry conferences and has worked with a number of Australia’s well-known investment and planning organisations.


Andrew Conners

Andrew Connors | Director, Quilla

B.Ec and M.AppFin

Specialising in asset allocation and investment risk management, Andrew is a Senior Investment Strategist with over 17 years of experience in funds management.

His experience includes working with some of the largest fund managers in Australia and globally including MLC Investment Management, INVESCO and Deutsche Asset Management.


Stephanie Williamson

Stephanie Williamson | Portfolio Analyst & Fund Administrator, Stonehouse

Joining Select in 2004, Stephanie initially spent time in finance and operational roles before joining the investment team in 2006. It was in this team where she gained experience across all global financial markets, asset management and multi-strategy investment management.

As both an analyst and administrator, Stephanie takes part in overall investment strategy and manager research, largely across equities and alternative investment asset classes, as well as assisting in the day to day administration of the CVP.


Michael Lang

Michael Lange | Investment Analyst

B.Com (Acc), CA and CIMA

Michael specialises in investment manager research, portfolio construction and management.

Prior to joining Quilla, Michael spent over a decade working in a large boutique wealth management company where he was a key member of the investment committee.


Together with our continued engagement of responsible entity ‘Equity Trustees Limited’, custodian ‘BNP Paribas’, unit registry ‘OneVue’, auditor ‘Ernst & Young’ and internal Fund Accountant, Patrick Bergin, the Stonehouse IC will strive to meet our mandate and to ensure the highest levels of corporate governance are maintained.